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A forward-thinking, cloud-based accounting firm

Our Services: Squarespace, Brand Development, Logo DesignLive Site: breakawayaccounting.ca

Client summary

Breakaway Chartered Accountants sets up individuals, small businesses and not-for-profit organizations on modern, cloud-based accounting software. They also provide consulting services, complete tax returns, and will keep your books in good shape. We recommend them.

Project summary

When Pixel and Breakaway met, the latter was a bright young star, ready to bust into a staid market. So we started with a new brand that feels trustworthy, yet modern. We wanted to carry that shiny new brand into Squarespace. We were getting bored of scrolling through Squarespace’s template gallery, so we decided to see just how far we could transform Squarespace’s appearance with heaps of custom CSS. The result is a lean, cohesive site that doesn’t scream, “Built with Squarespace.”

Project Goals

New visual identity: While rebranding has its unique challenges, getting to create a brand from scratch for a new company is exciting. As a company, who are you people, anyway? It’s a tough question to ask yourself, but fortunately we’ve got a process that takes some of the mystery out of this corporate therapy.

Sell Xero: Breakaway’s big pitch was hinged on convicing people that Xero was cloud account software that could take their business through the next decade, and that Breakaway is the team to show you the way.

Sell all Breakaway’s services: Did you know there was more to an accountant than just tax returns?

Key Feature

Slick Design: Custom icons, gradients-on-hover, crisp typography

We’re not going to embellish here. Sometimes, you just need a great brochure site that shows off who you are and ensures your visitors that you mean business. While Breakaway Accounting’s site might have a tiny number of pages, we think it makes a big impact.

A screenshot of the Breakaway Accounting website